“Will you be our next champions?”

KJ World Championship

The KJ World Championship is a choreography contest where teams coming from all around the world will show their creativity and talent to compete for the title of KJ World Champion!

How to register:

Register all the team members, then submit your Team's Choreography video. If chosen you will have the chance to participate in the 2nd KJ World Championship. 20 teams will be selected to present their choreography on the Festival stage, and only 5 finalists will make it to the Final.

Entry period:

From August 14th to September 15th. The 20 teams selected will be announced on the Festival prior to starting the KJ World Championship!

Entry fee

  • FREE for all Festival participants!
  • Book now and benefit from our early birds discount!


  • 5 Finalists:
    Free Festival exclusive products from the Festival shop.
  • Winning team awards:
    • 3rd place: fitness wear, carry belts and medals
    • 2nd place: fitness wear, KJ bags and medals
    • 1st place: fitness wear, KJ rebound shoes, medals and trophy

Competition requirements:

Min 3 persons. Length of routine: 3 to 5 min.

Presentation Requirements:
No less than one 32-counts of a block of any style: salsa, hip hop, tango, funky, break-dance, flamenco, etc. A second block may be integrated of an additional 32-counts. This additional block may use the same elements with the application of the elements of change (direction, timing, travel, range of motion, etc.) Must contain no less than 4 different steps: front lift, knee-up, jumping jack, ski, mambo, etc. Routines must utilize energetic music and outstanding showmanship to their highest possible effect.

Team selection:
The selection of the teams which will perform on stage is limited to a maximum of 20 Teams.

*Teams are responsible for all travelling and accommodation costs.

Team member 1

Team member 2

Please submit your choreography video via link (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)

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World Championship Jury


Mika Naville, owner & director of the different companies managing the Kangoo Jumps® brand since 2012, is a native from Switzerland. Only a few years after she obtained her Master Degree in psychology, she embarked in the Kangoo Jumps world on a very long journey, taking the legacy of Denis Naville, her father and founder of the Kangoo Jumps® brand.

Mika has a vast experience in the sport field, having practiced martial art for 10 years, participated in numerous competitions and obtained a black belt. She is delighted to participate for the 2nd time in the KJ World Championship jury and can’t wait to see the performances of this year.


Timea Sifter is a native of Hungary, Kangoo Jumps Distributor and member of the KJ festival board of Training this year. She is honored to return as one of the judges on this year’s competition panel.

She knows there are many talented KJ rebounders out there and believes one of the most important aspects is how the contestants bring out their charm and personality while preforming. She is truly excited to see what this year will bring!


Julio Neves is one of the oldest Kangoo Jumps® distributor with the KJ family. He is the director of the Kangoo Jumps® business in Brazil since 2008 and has never stop to believe in the incredible potential of the product and brand.

To Julio, the Kangoo Jumps® rebound shoes are not about another ordinary fitness product but it is about a family who love jumping around as one. He loves that this competition brings out the participants love and passion for the sport.


Shannon Berrios is a native from USA, working in the KJ-US office. For the past 51/2 years, in addition to her daily work, dealing with customer service and logistics, Shannon Berrios has worked side by side with the Head of KJ Training in every project, manual, and task put forth. Prior to her work here, she was a professional Bicycle Motor Cross (BMX) rider, ranking 4th in the world, until she blew out her knee in 2007.

Being sidelined from any knee baring activity, her motivation for working with Kangoo Jumps® today, comes with her passion for being able to train again and for the KJ family she greatly loves. Shannon is excited to be a judge for this amazing event & will bring a new dynamic to the panel.