Here are the most frequently asked questions related to the Fitness Festival

If you have any questions that are not reflected in the following questions please contact us.

1What is the name and address of the host hotel?
Hotel Melia Barajas Address: Av de Logroño, 305. 28042 Madrid
2How do I get from the airport to the host hotel?
Taxi: 4 min. journey (1,6 km) Indicative cost 10€ to 15€. Subway (Metro): Start the journey at the airports subway station at the terminal T1 or T4 and exit at Barajas station. The distance between the Barajas station and the Hotel Melia Barajas is 750m. (10 min walk).
3Do I have to stay at the host hotel?
No, you do not have to but we highly recommend it as we believe it will enhance the Festival experience.
4Is there an event discount available for discounted room rates?
We recommend to make your reservations through the official travel agency to obtain the best price: Attn: Melanie Catalá Viac Fairs Telf. +34 91 722 52 91
5How early must I make my reservation at the host hotel to secure festival discount?
We recommend as soon as possible as space is limited.
6Does the host hotel have a parking fee?
Yes, the price is 10€ per day.
7Are there any shopping malls and restaurants nearby the host hotel?
There are restaurants nearby. The closest shopping mall is 10 min away by car.
8Is there a cheaper alternative to the host hotel near-by?
You may find more information the official travel agency: Attn: Melanie Catalá Viac Fairs Telf. +34 91 722 52 91
9What is the address of the IFEMA Trade center where the Festival day will be held?
Feria de Madrid. Avda. del Partenón, 5. 28042 Madrid. Spain
10Where will the seminars and workshops be held?
At the hotel Hotel Melia Barajas: Address: Av de Logroño, 305. 28042 Madrid.
11Will I need to show proof of purchase at workshop or seminar registration the day of the event?
We recommend that you bring your receipt to registration the day of your scheduled event/events.
12May I sign up for more than one event during the Festival days?
Yes, if the scheduled times & days do not conflict.
13Is advanced registration mandatory for all per-Festival events?
Yes, as space is limited
14Will printed course material be available at the workshops?
No, we are going digital this year and will be emailing all course outlines prior to the event with a recommendation to print or download to an electronic device to bring I with you.
15 Can anyone sign up for the Trainers Training?
Applicants for the Trainers Training must have no less than 2 year’s experience as a Kangoo Power Silver Instructor and a letter of recommendation from an official Kangoo Jumps Distributor to apply for a trainer application. Contact for additional details.
16Can anyone sign up for the KJ Presenter Workshop?
No, you must be a licensed Kangoo Power Silver Instructor and have a letter of recommendation from an active Kangoo Jumps distributor to attend. Contact for additional details.
17What programs will be offered during the Advanced workshop?
Kangoo Power, Kangoo Dance, Kangoo Boot Camp, Kangoo Discovery, and Kangoo Kick&Punch.
18Can I attend more than one program at the Multi-workshop?
Yes, you are free to move from one presentation to another whenever you choose.
19Can anyone compete in the Choreography Contest?
Yes, anyone can compete in the Choreography Contest via online, but 20 teams will be selected for the Semifinals, and only 5 will make it to the Final.
20Where will the contest be held?
At IFEMA Trade center
21 Can I purchase Kangoo Jumps products at the Festival?
Yes! Products and event specials will be available at special prices on the day of the Festival.
22Will I have internet access at the Festival?
23Can I rent boots during the Festival?
We strongly advise you to bring your own Kangoo Jumps boots. A boot rental option will be available for those who do not have personal Kangoo Jumps boots at a cost of $10 per day.