“We want to see your moves!”

KJ World Championship

A choreography contest where teams coming from all around the world showing their skills and talent to compete for the title of KJ World Champion!

How to register:

Register all the team members, then submit your Team's Choreography video. If chosen you will have the chance to participate in the 1st ever KJ World Championship. 20 teams will be selected for the Semifinals, and only 5 will make it to the Final.

Entry period:

From March 27th to August 1st. Teams will be informed on August 21st via email whether they are selected or not for Semifinals.

Entry fee

  • 30€/$31 per Team
  • The fee include a 10€/$11 discount on the purchase of the Festival tickets.


  • Finalists:
    Free admission to the KJ Fitness Festival. Should the team members have already purchased tickets they will receive a credit to purchase products in the Festival store.
  • Winning team awards:
    Exclusive products and trophies.

Competition requirements:

2 to 10 competitors: all male, all female or mixed. Length of routine: 3 to 5 min.

Presentation Requirements:
No less than one 32-counts of a block of any style: salsa, hip hop, tango, funky, break-dance, flamenco, etc. A second block may be integrated of an additional 32-counts. This additional block may use the same elements with the application of the elements of change (direction, timing, travel, range of motion, etc..)
Must contain no less than 4 different steps: front lift, knee-up, jumping jack, ski, mambo, etc…
Routines must utilize music and outstanding showmanship to their highest possible effect.

The selection of semi-finalists is limited to a maximum of 20 Teams.

*Teams are responsible for all travel and accommodation costs.

Team member 1

Team member 2

Please submit your choreography video via link (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)